Pink Ribbon Monaco Gala

Friday, February 2nd 2024

In the breathtaking and exclusive venue of Salle Médecin, nestled within the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, Pink Ribbon Monaco invites you to a truly exceptional evening on February 2nd, 2024.

  • Single Ticket: 600€
  • Table (10 people): 5.400€

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Friday, February 2nd 2024

In the breathtaking and exclusive venue of Salle Médecin, nestled within the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, Pink Ribbon Monaco invites you to a truly exceptional evening on February 2nd, 2024. This extraordinary evening conjures the timeless allure and sophistication of a truly privileged and exclusive venue, blending the elegance of a gala dinner with the thrill of a charitable auction, all in support of lobular breast cancer research at the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace.

Salle Médecin, with its grand proportions and cinematic decor, boasts a rich history. The private game room of the world’s elite and high rollers, it now graciously hosts very select gatherings, infusing them with an aura of cheer extravagance and allure. Notable personalities from history and legendary film characters have graced its illustrious floors, lending an added layer of prestige to this remarkable venue. Access to this opulent room for an event is an exclusive honor, granted to very few. This exceptional setting, steeped in history and elegance, elevates our gala to a truly extraordinary experience, reserved for a select few.

As the evening unfolds, the PINK RIBBON MONACO GALA kicks off with a red carpet reception that channels all the magic and glamour of a bygone era. Here, under the opulent crystals and golds of the historic Salle Medecin, guests can try their luck with a thrilling spin of French Roulette or a hand of Black Jack in a venue steeped in history.

Once you’ve taken your place at the gala dinner, sharing a table with the likes of actors Noah Wyle and Alfred Molina and enjoying live music, the true purpose of the night comes to the forefront.

The highlight of the evening is a meaningful auction, dedicated to raising funds for the advancement of lobular breast cancer research at the Princesse Grace Hospital. Your participation in this auction makes you an essential part of our mission to overcome this formidable challenge.

The PINK RIBBON MONACO GALA promises an evening of unparalleled elegance, enchanting music, and the support of a noble cause—all set within the embrace of an extraordinary and historic venue.

An Evening of Unparalleled Luxury

  • Private VIP Entrance
    Begin your evening with an exclusive entry via the VIP gamers’ entrance, setting the stage for an exceptional night.

  • Red Carpet Arrival
    Walk the illustrious red carpet, seize the moment at our glamorous photo opportunity.

  • Champagne reception
    Toast to the night’s extravagance with fine champagne, a prelude to an unforgettable evening.

  • VIP Gaming Experience
    Before and after the diner and auction, immerse yourself in two hours of high-stakes excitement with French Roulette and Blackjack.

  • Live Musical Animation
    Entertained by live musicians, immerse yourself in classic tunes perfectly adapted to the unique setting.

  • Live Close-Up illusionist
    Close-up magic tricks from a roaming magician.

  • Exclusive Auction
    Participate in an auction of rare and exquisite items, contributing to a noble cause while acquiring unique treasures.

  • VIP Presence
    Join fellow distinguished guests for an evening that radiates sophistication and allure, surrounded by like-minded connoisseurs of luxury.

  • Three-Course Culinary Excellence
    Savor a gourmet three-course meal crafted by the renowned chefs of Société des Bains de Mer, a culinary experience that defines luxury.


This night offers an exclusive blend of luxury, entertainment, and philanthropy in a historically significant setting. Welcome to an evening that redefines exclusivity in a room reserved for the select few.

10 Games Chips

Get the pack of 10 Games Chips for the Pink Ribbon Monaco Gala on Friday, February 2nd 2024.

Please note that all winnings acquired at the Gala will be in the form of non-monetary rewards, such as lots and goods. Furthermore, any chips purchased at the gala are exclusive to our event and cannot be utilized at Monte-Carlo Casino tables outside of this occasion. Your enjoyment of the games and the unique atmosphere of our gala is our top priority.

NB. Each Gala guest will be given a first complimentary chip. This chip may be used for a single spin of roulette or for one hand of Blackjack during the course of the event.